House Cleaning Company VS Independent House Cleaner

Maintaining a clean home is very important for most of us, but it’s not as easy as one might hope. There are so many things most of us have to take care of, that sometimes, we just don’t have the time to clean our own homes.


Luckily, we can hire the help of house cleaners to take good care of our home’s cleanliness. In hiring house cleaners, we generally have two options: to go for house cleaning companies or opt for an independent house cleaner.


Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages, knowing about these will help you decide which choice suits your needs most:


House Cleaning Company


Whenever you hire a house cleaning company, you can have the confidence that the cleaner they will send to your home has been checked for any previous misdemeanors they may have committed. You can also have peace of mind that they were properly trained by the company. The cleaners are protected by insurance.


The downside of hiring a cleaner from house cleaning companies is that sometimes, the cleaners won’t go the extra mile in cleaning. And if you require them to do an additional cleaning, you need to give an additional payment.


Independent House Cleaner


In hiring independent house cleaners, you have to act as their employer that you need to conduct the background checking on them yourself. This is perhaps one of the major drawbacks of hiring an independent house cleaner. Some independent house cleaners are also insured. However, since they are directly paying for their own insurance, it might not cover a very large amount.

Still, independent house cleaners might be a lot more dedicated to cleaning your home. They are also likely to do more than what is expected when it comes to cleaning. Some are even not so strict in sticking to a specific checklist of what they are willing to clean that you can just politely request for specific areas you want them to pay more attention to at no additional cost.

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